Eric Merola on Renegade Radio with Jay Ferruggia – 2017

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Eric Merola on Renegade Radio with Jay Ferruggia – March 2017.

Eric Merola is a documentary filmmaker. On today’s podcast we focus mainly on his films about curing cancer and the amazing life changing benefits of fetal stem cell therapy.

I think you’ll find the discussion fascinating and frustrating at the same time, if not slightly angering. That’s because a lot of it is about the lies being perpetrated by big pharma and the greed fueled corruption that keeps people sick.

Topics include:

• The doctor who discovered a cure for cancer
• How the government tried to silence him
• Why donating to cancer research is a huge waste
• Why you should never trust the ___ foundation
• What to do if you or someone you love has cancer
• Preventative measures against cancer
• Amazing fetal stem cell treatment
• Reversing low libido and sexual dysfunction
• Slowing down the aging process
• Improving cognitive skills
• Healing aches and pains

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