Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering

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The DVD and Blu-ray contain the feature documentary SECOND OPINION (76 minutes) + 12 Chapters of Added Material (74 minutes) - total run time: 2 hours, 30 minutes. The On Demand version contains the same plus a 13th Chapter that was just added on Oct. 1, 2014.


• Ch. 1: Coley's Toxins: Laetrile wasn't the only unconventional therapy being investigated at Sloan-Kettering at this time. They were also investigating Coley's Toxins, which is now an accepted form of therapy, even though no one can get it.

• Ch. 2: Cat & Mouse Game: After Ralph W. Moss, PhD published his book "The Cancer Industry", Ralph discloses how the American Cancer Society tried to "buy him off" to pull his book from the market.

• Ch. 3: Little Things: "Little things that happened that show how things really laid."

• Ch. 4: The Human Trials: "The FDA, and The National Cancer Society didn't trust Sloan-Kettering to host these clinical trials, there was too much of a chance they would turn out positive, so they got the nation's leading Laetrile opponent to host the human trials. These trials were set up to fail."

• Ch. 5: Just Another Fraud: "Everyone should know that the "war on cancer" is largely a fraud, and that the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society are derelict in their duties to the people who support them." - Linus Pauling, biochemist and the only solo winner of two Nobel Prizes in history.

• Ch. 6: The First Raid: When Laetrile use began reaching its height in the USA, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) began raiding manufacturing facilities and clinics that were making or dispensing the substance. The FDA and News organizations worked in concert to broadcast the first Laetrile raid on US soil.

• Ch. 7: Laetrile as the Bogeyman: "Once Laetrile began to gain traction, even if found to be ineffective, everyone agreed that it was non-toxic. So the establishment re-branded Laetrile as a toxic drug to try to sway the public from seeking it."

• Ch. 8: Laetrile vs. Amygdalin vs. B17: Even today, there is much confusion over what the differences are, this short film discloses how the three names for Laetrile came to be.

• Ch. 9: Dr. Sugiura: A biographical history of Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, who was a co-inventor of chemotherapy and was the lead scientist in the Laetrile studies at Sloan-Kettering.

• Ch. 10: Out of the Asylum: Ralph W. Moss, PhD talks about co-founding the formation of the USA's National Institutes of Health's (NIH) "Office of Alternative Medicine", where Ralph served on the advisory board for 10 years.

• Ch. 11: Hyperthermia & Integration: Originally inspired by "Coley's Toxins", "Hyperthermia" when integrated with certain types of traditional therapies shows double the effectiveness and double the survival rates in randomized clinical trials. The USA's NIH pulled all funding from the leading research center (Duke, NC) to keep it from reaching the American market. Ralph W. Moss also discusses the future of cancer therapy and the inevitable integration with conventional and non-conventional therapies.

• Ch. 12: In Conclusion: Ralph W. Moss, PhD discusses how the industry has evolved since the birth of the War On Cancer.

• Ch. 13: Laetrile: Moving Forward: On August 19, 2014 the Germans have published a ground-breaking new study on Laetrile/Amygdalin and plan on opening up human clinical trials. (On Demand only - Just added!)

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