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“Second Opinion” director Eric Merola on WABC National Radio

Sign up to Eric Merola’s mailing list here or here to get a coupon code to watch The God Cells FREE! YOLA NASH INTERVIEWS Internationally award-winning documentary Film Director, Writer, Producer ERIC MEROLA who visits WABC. He sat down with WABC, New York’s Yola Nash for an interview to discuss his movies and the exciting […]

“Second Opinion” Redux!

Second Opinion: Redux

On Thursday August 28th and Friday August 29th, 2014 we handed out a new issue of “Second Opinion” to employees of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in NYC—during their lunch hour.

“Second Opinion” was originally an underground newsletter founded by Ralph W. Moss while he was trying to expose the cover-up of MSKCC’s positive Laetrile studies – back in the 1970s – while he was working as MSKCC’s assistant director of public affairs. The original 1970’s “Second Opinion” was comprised of many employees of MSKCC who worked anonymously to write and produce the publication, with a heavy focus on leaking the Center’s positive Laetrile lab studies conducted at MSKCC in the 1970s. We thought it would be appropriate to resurrect the newsletter as an “open letter” to all MSKCC employees urging them to see this movie, which opened in New York City on Friday August 29, 2014. The documentary was only supposed to run for one week (5 times a day), but the response was so big, they extended it an extra week.

Click here to see a PDF of this new issue of “Second Opinion” we were handing out in these photos.

We also have great video of this event, check back here soon—we will be posting it shortly. 

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Trailer now posted on FANDANGO!

The theatrical trailer for “Second Opinion” is now on FANDANGO! Link to the the Fangando trailer.

New Laetrile/Amygdalin study published in PLOS ONE – 8/19/14

Amygdalin Blocks Bladder Cancer Cell Growth In Vitro by Diminishing Cyclin A and cdk2 Click here to read the entire article in PLOS ONE.  

History of Laetrile’s beginnings in the San Francisco Bay Area

History between San Francisco, Laetrile and its inventors—Dr. Ernst Kreb, Sr. & Jr.  The Krebs family was long associated with San Francisco and the Bay Area. Ernst T. Krebs, Sr. was a graduate of the San Francisco College of Physicians and Surgeons. (This is now the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of […]

Interview March 25, 2014: The Cancer Buyers Club with Eric Merola

Listen to a March 25, 2014 interview with director Eric Merola as he discusses “Second Opinion: Laetrile At Sloan-Kettering”.



Online Health Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Sean Croxton on BlogTalkRadio

Thanks to Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness for having Eric on the show!

Q&A from a March 6, 2014 screening of “Second Opinion: Laetrile At Sloan-Kettering” with Ralph W. Moss, PhD & director Eric Merola

“Second Opinion: Laetrile At Sloan-Kettering” had its World Premiere in San Luis Obispo, CA on March 6, 2014. Interview with Eric Merola and Ralph Moss This posting also includes additional clips from the film.


Upcoming screenings – Second Opinion (New Jersey & North Carolina)

On Wednesday April 2, 2014 at 6:30pm Second Opinion will screen at the a/perture cinema in Winston-Salem, NC More info (336) 722-8148 Eric Merola will attend and participate in a Q&A afterward. – BUY TICKETS NOW – SELL OUT IS EXPECTED – On Sunday April 6, 2014 at 12:15 pm Second Opinion will screen at […]

Doctored Results: The Suppression of Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research / A first-hand written account of the story of

Doctored Results: The Suppression of Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research / A first-hand written account of the story of “Second Opinion: Laetrile At Sloan-Kettering”


Ralph W. Moss, PhD was co-founder of the National Institutes of Health’s Office Of Alternative Medicine and also served as their advisor from 1991-2001. Dr. Moss was also Assistant Director of Public Affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York City when he unveiled a cover-up of positive tests with America’s most controversial anticancer agent, Laetrile. He was ordered by MSKCC officials to falsify reports. He refused. Instead, he organized an underground employee group called Second Opinion to oppose this cover-up.

Eric Merola, the internationally award-winning director of the Burzynski Film Series, is proud to announce the release of his third documentary — Second Opinion: Laetrile At Sloan-Kettering — which takes you through a detailed journey of these shocking events.

“Eric Merola is a bright and talented filmmaker.”
Dr. Mehmet Oz – The Dr. Oz Show

Ralph W. Moss, PhD has also simultaneously released Doctored Results — a new book and companion guide to this documentary. 

Read what medical professionals have to say about Dr. Moss’ new book — illustrating his first-hand account of this story:

“Ralph W. Moss has stayed the course in stating his case. I am glad his voice is being heard.”
Harold P. Freeman, MD
Past National President, American Cancer Society and Past Chairman, President’s Cancer Panel.

“A remarkable and readable description of the laetrile controversy.”
Michael Retsky, PhD
Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA

“A spellbinding story of a scientist who was subjected to tremendous pressure and criticism after he unexpectedly validated an unconventional agent that inhibited metastasis.”
Peter L. Peterson, PhD
Professor, Dept. of Biological Chemistry and Oncology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

“Cancer care in America is controlled by big business and this riveting first-hand account is a real exposé of what can happen when science and business clash.”
Damian E. Dupuy, MD, Director of Tumor Ablation, Rhode Island Hospital and Professor of Radiology, The Warren Alpert School of Medicine of Brown University, Providence, RI

“Moss raises important and troubling questions about the objectivity with which Memorial Sloan-Kettering presented research data on laetrile, a controversial cancer treatment. ‘Doctored Results’ is well documented, challenging, and painfully sobering. It should be required reading for all who hope to make the most effective cancer treatments available to Americans.”
James S. Gordon, MD, Chair of the Program Advisory Council to the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Alternative Medicine, Washington, DC

“Highly recommended.”
Bharat B. Aggarwal, PhD
Professor, Department of Experimental Therapeutics
The University Of Texas M.D.Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

“An instant classic.”
Michael Schachter, MD
Past President, American College for Advancement in Medicine

“An anatomy of a cancer establishment cover-up, followed by the ‘murder’ of a promising anti-cancer drug.”
Tibor Bakacs, MD, PhD, DSc
National Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

“This book shows how potentially useful discoveries can be hidden from an uninformed public when the stakes are high enough.”
T. Colin Campbell, PhD
Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, and author of The China Study

“I couldn’t put down Doctored Results—it reads like a medical thriller. Ralph Moss, who blew the whistle on the misdeeds of his ‘superiors’ at Sloan-Kettering Institute, discusses the astonishing results with laetrile at Sloan-Kettering and shows how the public’s perception of this therapy was manipulated by the powers-that-be for their own selfish ends. Doctored Results is a must-read book for everyone interested in complementary medicine.” 

Julian Whitaker, MD, Director, Whitaker Wellness Institute and Editor, Health & Healing Newsletter, Newport Beach, California.

San Luis Obispo, CA |

San Luis Obispo, CA | “Second Opinion: Laetrile At Sloan Kettering” | March 6 & 7, 2014

The story of Laetrile has a long history starting in San Luis Obispo (SLO) — making the World Premiere of “Second Opinion” in SLO a logical fit. Notice the photo below. SLO’s old pharmacy from the turn of the 19th century was owned and operated by Dr. Ernst Krebs, the original inventor of Laetrile.

Ralph W. Moss, PhD — the hero of “Second Opinion” as well as the film’s director Eric Merola will attend both screenings and participate in a Q&A afterwards.

Click here for more info on these screenings.